Meet an Alligator|Sawgrass Recreation Park|Airboat Rides in the South Florida Everglades

One of South Florida’s most popular attractions is an airboat ride at Sawgrass Recreation Park through the “River of Grass” known to locals as the Everglades. Conducted by experienced tour guides with a sense of humor and plenty of  knowledge about the area take guests on a ride through a river of grass, past several species of common Florida plants, flowers, and living creatures. Guides also educate visitors about the history of the area. Expect to see alligators, egrets, and a variety of other animals and birds.  Word of caution don’t feed the wildlife and keep your fingers in the boat! 

The park’s Exotic Wildlife exhibit is sponsored by an organization called Predators Unlimited, which brings different animals to the park each day for visitors to view. Examples of animals on display might include the endangered Florida Panther, tigers, wolves, and large birds of prey. Reptiles are also on display and guests may view large alligators from afar or take part in the “Hold a Baby Alligator” experience. Snakes and crocs are on hand as well.

Fishing is permitted at Sawgrass Recreation Park. The park owns a fleet of small boats that may be rented by visitors for up to seven tours. Bait and tackle supplies are available for purchase. Adult guests are required to possess a Florida State fishing license in order to troll the waters of Sawgrass Park.

Sawgrass Recreation Park is located west of Ft. Lauderdale. From 1-95, Take 595 West to I-75 North towards Naples. Stay on I-75 North until you come to Exit 23 North (U.S. Highway 27) towards South Bay. 

Drive two miles to the North and the park is on the right hand side of the road. Turn right and cross over the bridge, make another immediate right down into the parking lot. Tickets for the airboat rides and animal exhibits can be purchased in the store. (Yellow building.)  For pricing & more information visit:

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